Husein Zolkepli

Hello! I am a Python Developer (forever with it) and open source advocate. We unite people to make a particular significant software product without any boundary and platform. I am also occasionally giving talks and free tech classes related to data science, machine learning, deep learning, DevOps and Python.

Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Mesolitica Sdn Bhd, Chief Data Scientist of Bitcurate Co, is a software engineer focused on big data, machine learning and data science.

A former Executive AI, develop Bahasa Malaysia parser to Chatbot, advanced face analysis, self-driving car prototype with SLAM and Computer Vision, deep learning interface for ROS, a former Data Engineer for Omnilytics CO which responsible to handle more than 1 billion fashion and beauty products across the globe, a former data scientist to develop open source library drone integration with Tensorflow, and a former machine learning engineer for PRU-14 barisan nasional intelligent dashboard.

Currently I attached to BIGIT and LigBlou to deliver data science, data engineer, machine learning and developer operations workshops to help nation for smarter tech parallel to Industry 4.0.

I am a maintainer of Malaya, Bahasa Malaysia Natural-Language-Toolkit library, and mainly active in Github and Gitlab.

I can get my hands dirty on infrastructure, big data pipelining, high scale machine learning models development, spawning data science department and technical management.

I am located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Feel free to chat with me any related topics on OSS face-to-face (email me)

Invited Speaker

  • 19/9/2019, Artificial Intelligence, How does it influence our lives?, UIA.
  • 27/8/2019, How to get Data Science job from Open Source, JuniorDev MY.
  • 23/8/2019, Realtime processing using Tensorflow, Apache Kafka and Apache Storm, by Pycon MY 2019.
  • 13/6/2019, Introduction to Data Science using Python, by UITM Tapah.
  • 22/5/2019, AI in Malaysia Industry, by UPSI.
  • 2/5/2019, Bahasa Malaysia Speech-to-Text, by HKL.
  • 1/5/2019, AI in hardware Industry, by Penang.
  • 23/4/2019, Risk analysis and investment score using Deep learning, by DevHub 2019.
  • 11/4/2019, Malaya and NLP industry, by Universiti Malaya.
  • 1/4/2019, Malaya and NLP industry, by USIM.
  • 28/8/2018, Stock Forecasting using Tensorflow JS, by JOMLAUNCH 6.0.
  • 22/8/2018, Malaya, Open source Bahasa Malaysia NLP, by MY Pycon.
  • 13/7/2018, Export and Import curve forecasting using Tensorflow JS, by Robopreneur Sdn Bhd.
  • 24/6/2018, Stock Forecasting using Tensorflow JS, by KLJS Meetup.

Invited Workshop

  • 11/9/2019, Applied NLP using Python and Tensorflow, by UPM.
  • 21/8/2019, Hybrid BERT with deep collaborative system, by UITM Tapah.
  • 15/8/2019, System integration with Machine learning engine, by UPM.
  • 8/8/2019, Recommendation system using Deep reinforcement learning, by UPM.
  • 21/7/2019, Introduction to NLP Data Science using Python, by Mesolitica Sdn bhd, link.
  • 29/6/2019, Machine Learning Models Using Numpy - Level Intermediate, by Kuala Lumpur school of AI, link.
  • 13/6/2019, Introduction to Data Science using Python, by UITM Tapah.
  • 22/4/2019, Machine learning using Numpy, by LigBlou.
  • 20/3/2019, 12-days Data Science with LHDN, by BIGIT.
  • 9/3/2019, Introduction to Data Science using Python, by LigBlou.
  • 23/1/2019, Data Science with Python, by BIGIT.
  • 13/1/2019, Data Science with Python, by BIGIT.
  • 13/10/2018, Introduction to Computer Vision using Python, by UITM Tapah.
  • 29/9/2018, Introduction to Self driving car using Python, by DevCon MaGIC.
  • 2/9/2018, IOT + Elastic Search + Kibana, by DevCon MaGIC.
  • 12/8/2018, Introduction to Docker, by DevCon MaGIC.
  • 28/7/2018, Flask Python for School student, by DevCon MaGIC.
  • 9/4/2018, Data Science with Python, by Brickfield College.