Husein Zolkepli

Hello! I am a Python Developer (forever with it) and open source advocate. We unite people to make a particular significant software product without any boundary and platform. I am also occasionally giving talks and free tech classes related to data science, machine learning, deep learning, DevOps and Python.

I am a maintainer of Malaya, Bahasa Malaysia Natural-Language-Toolkit library, and mainly active in Github and Gitlab.

Right now I am open for external and internal technical consulation, conducting workshops and talks.

I am a former Executive AI, used to develop Bahasa Malaysia parser to Chatbot, advanced face analysis (able to release partially, bounded by agreement), self-driving car prototype with SLAM and Computer Vision, deep learning interface for ROS, former Data Engineer for Omnilytics CO which responsible to handle more than 1 billion fashion and beauty products across the globe, former data scientist and machine learning engineer for social media sentiment analysis and trend domain.

I can get my hands dirty on infrastructure, big data pipelining, high scale machine learning models development, spawning data science department and technical management.

I am located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Feel free to chat with me any related topics on OSS face-to-face (email me), virtually (make an appointment using calendly).